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Project Description
There are many FaceBook APIs current available, although most of them cater to web applications. This fluent based API allows you to integrate FaceBook easily into your desktop applications. Written in C# and using .NET 3.5 Restful features, the aim is to be easy to use/modify.

Sorry, I know, but more choice can only be good for developers.

Why don't you help with one of the existing APIs?
This is purely a learning exercise, a side project of mine needs to be able to hook into facebook over REST. This project is violating YAGNI somewhat, but is a learning exercise for in dynamic proxy, WCF 3.5, writing fluent interfaces and developer facing libraries. Join in if you also want to play around with this tech!

This library looks unfinished
Because it is! The CodePlex project has been published early for visibility, the API needs to be fleshed out to cover all of the REST services which facebook offer. An example on how to flesh the API out will be published soon so you can extend the library for your needs. Please commit changes back either by asking for commit permissions or upload a patch. Thanks!

More Information
I've attempted to simplify building this library by using DynamicProxy interceptors to automatically generate signatures which neatens up the code a great deal. This library also uses .NET 3.5s RestFul features to consume the FaceBook REST services. I'm attempting to keep literal strings and custom message parsing to a minimum with as much out-the-box code as possible.

A basic but working exception handling technique to throw facebook exceptions has been added.
A basic but usable fluent interface can be used to configure the libraries objects for use.
A basic but usable fluent interface can be used against Facebooks FQL method.

What is this library aiming for?
An easy to use, easy to maintain and easily extensible API for hooking into facebook services.

No Current Releases
Unfortunately there are currently no packaged releases. This is due to the project still being in it's infancy. 95% of the API is yet to be implemented and I am looking for help to complete this.

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